Learn with Learn: Remove Emotion from your Picks

I have spent much of the last five years putting out picks and getting input from you all. One common fallacy that I see on a daily basis is the tendency for people to add their own personal biases into the selections in front of them. “I won’t take this player because he plays for my rival team” or inversely selecting players from your favorite team is a basic one, but still happens all of the time. There’s many different versions of this that make me think “Okay, sure…but”. For example: “I won’t play this player because he burned me too many times.” “I’m picking this guy because I just believe in him.” “I’m picking these guys because I plan on watching this game.” “It would be really cool if this happened.” The list goes on.

I am not saying to approach your picks like a robot would, but I’m also not saying to not pretend to be a robot. I can’t make a comprehensive list of every way in which our biases and opinions based on emotion can affect the decisions you make while making pick. What I have learned to try to do, and encourage others to do, is simply ask themselves “what is the logic behind this?” while making decisions. If there is a real quantitative reason for making a selection–increased opportunity, good matchup, fast pace, etc.–then the decision is founded in real logic. A player can and usually will burn you on any given night, but the important part is to analyze why that was an incorrect decision and learn from it. Categorically writing a player off because they have burned you will lead to missed opportunities down the line. If they burned you and the logic behind making that pick was faultless and they just had an off night then you need to live with that and be wary of letting it keep you from choosing them in the future if the logic is again good. It’s somewhat basic, but it’s important to constantly ask yourself if the decision you are making is something you can defend with something real, or if it’s simply something you want to have happen.

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