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Daily fantasy sports are fun. They are much more fun with the needed information. Our goal has always been to provide useful, timely information for sports betting and DFS to help players of all levels succeed.

Fantasy Pipeline History

My name is Connor Learn and I grew up in the small town of Edgerton, Wisconsin. When I was young my world wasn’t big and I wasn’t an average kid–professional athletes were my superheroes and I knew almost everything there was to know about the NBA and NFL from memory. This was merely my favorite hobby until I was 19 years old and a friend got me into NBA DFS. It clicked immediately. Following the completion of my football career during my sophomore year of college I desperately needed a competitive outlet and doubled down on DFS.

By my senior year of college I was winning consistently and logging the days injury and lineup news in my notes app. Headed into the 2016-2017 season I realized that there was a severe lack of content analyzing the daily NBA news. Additionally, the ones that did often had at least a half hour delay in getting their analysis up from the time the news broke. Seeing a hole in the market, I operated on blind faith and began moving my notes app information on to Twitter. I began “Fantasy Pipeline” under the name “DFS Hotshots”, made a cheap logo from a picture of Tractor Traylor dunking on Shaq and was off. I wasn’t sure that there was for sure anything that would result from making this move, but people responded better than I expected. By the time I was finally getting done with college after five years my Senior thesis project was a business plan for this project. I wasn’t ready to put everything I had behind this, but the idea of making a living doing this had became a dream of mine.

As I type this headed into year six of this project, it has evolved in some ways and remained the same in other ways. “Fantasy Pipeline” became the name in year two and the depth and quality of what I have been putting out has improved each season. All analysis being moved to a website and the focus of content being expanded to include traditional sports betting in addition to DFS will be new for the 2021 season. The goal of each season is to provide analysis in bigger and better ways until we become a market leader, and this website will make that possible. Throughout the last five seasons, through finishing college, working in sales and then construction, working on this has always came first. It’s became a true passion of mine and has enabled me to get to do something I’m passionate about instead of finding out which 9-5 I find most tolerable. The privilege of getting to do this isn’t something that I take lightly and is my motivation to provide the absolute best analysis possible on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing me to live out a dream.

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