Learn with Learn

A free series for learning how to make NBA picks

What I have always tried to do here is simple: I want Fantasy Pipeline to be the information bridge between casual and advanced DFS and gambling players. The goal, simply put, is to be your biggest resource for NBA information. Through analyzing every injury and starting lineup change publicly over the years I have accomplished that to some degree. By adding full game breakdowns and projected minutes in the last couple of years I have been able to do that in more depth for subscribers. But there has always been one idea I have wanted to execute and haven’t yet been able to.

Committing to running a website enables me to run an evergreen series explaining all of the ins and out of how I make decisions for picks on DFS and against the spread. The goal is to write a series explaining various aspects that should be understood by those trying to keep their finger on the pulse of the league. Some of these posts will be fairly basic for experienced players, I am sure of that. Some posts will be opinionated to some degree, as this is not a science. There is no formal education for making NBA picks. All of us, me included, have gaps in our knowledge of how to look at these games. But I would like to give the closest thing possible to a real education in these posts. My plan is to write on some different variable and how to look at it on a weekly basis and the hope is that each one helps expand someone’s understanding each time. Hope you all enjoy this.

Learn with Learn: Remove Emotion from your Picks
Discussion the importance of removing emotions and personal biases while making NBA …