Season End Thank You Note

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I started the blog that would become Fantasy Pipeline at the beginning of the 2016-2017 NBA season for a couple of reasons. The first was that I simply had unmet needs as a DFS player and consumer of DFS information. The second reason was that I was starting to consistently win money playing NBA DFS and I thought my analysis could stand out and bring value to others. I was already playing every day and discussing plays with a small group of friends- this was just the next step of putting ideas on Twitter with a blind hope that it would be useful to others.

I had less complete analysis and a lesser product in that first season. As a result, growth was somewhat slow as we got off the ground. But steadily we got to 500 followers that first season and it confirmed (to a small degree) my initial feeling: that there was a need for analysis as I chose to do it and it could provide value for others. That small validation from the first season inspired a website and NFL coverage prior to the 2017 season. Small steps, but the chance to share something I’m passionate about with the world and have it received was genuinely really cool for me.

Season two of NBA coverage opened up with us sitting just south of 500 followers when the season tipped off. I had reasonable expectations for the season- gaining another 500 followers to set myself up to profit from the blog for the first time in year three of coverage was my initial goal. To my surprise, blog coverage connected with more people than expected. I exceeded 1,000 followers within the first month and a half of the season and I was selling lineups and producing income at the start of 2018. We ended the season with just south of 2,000 followers as well.

Simply producing income and generating 2,000 followers isn’t “big” by any means; this isn’t a “we made it!” celebratory note. But our coverage being increasingly well-received is absolutely validating for me, and I’m sure I can speak for Adam and Nolan when I say it validates their work too. I wanted to write this note to thank all of our followers, from the ones that pay for lineups to the ones who passively follow us and might just unfollow us in the off-season. Your support of all forms is appreciated more than you know and I wanted to express my genuine appreciation for everyone for consuming our content.

And for those of you with us, I promise you that this season will only inspire better and better coverage. Content and website strategies will be rolled out prior to next season and our plans for the evolution of Fantasy Pipeline will become evident then. But I will say this: the resources we will provide and those industry leaders give will shrink. I’m excited to bring you even better NFL and NBA coverage and share that with you all. Keep following us at FP and I promise you won’t regret it.